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Hi there,

welcome to my homepage!

This homepage was designed and coded by my dear friend Tim Potzas and launched in February 1999. A standard for homepages in those days was a width of 800 pixels. I never bothered changing this, because it ment a completely new homepage and interupting its development over time. I still do all the changes in html. This page is old school! Enjoy!

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  • Quotes - A new category with quotes from musicians/artists that stay in my mind.

  • Classroom - Check out my new category "Classroom",
    where you will find video-animations to a variety
    of topics concerning music

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welcome (de)


herzlich Willkommen auf meiner homepage!

Aufgrund der vielen internationalen Rückmeldungen führe ich die Seite auf englisch.

Have fun & All the best!

Viel Spass und Alles Gute!


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