Frank Höfliger - Bassplayer

Frank the BASS


  • Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams - they all have different
    names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do -
    they all contain truths.
    - Muhammad Ali

  • Part of being good is being organized.
    - Terry Lewis (Producer, Janet Jackson, Prince)

  • I'd rather say: "Sorry, I did" than "I wish I had".
    - Quincy Jones

  • I studied common sence more than I studied guitar...
    - Tommy Tedesco (the wrecking crew)

  • If you want to fight, go play ball... Don't let the ego
    get in the way of music.
    - Terry Lewis

  • Du musst das machen was de kannst und was de nicht
    kannst, lässt weg.
    - Horst Hrubesch

  • Learn to deal with the valleys, the hills take care
    of themselves.
    - Count Basie

  • Once a task is just begun, never leave it till it's done.
    Be the labour great or small, do it well or not at all.
    - Quincy Delight Jones (father of Quincy Jones)

  • You can't be really good at anything if you ain't vulnerable.
    - Terry Lewis

  • Wer nichts macht, macht keine Fehler.
    - Volksmund

  • In photography like with a bass, you're dealing
    with form, tonal relationships and communicating
    an idea in the moment.
    - Rick Laird (Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc..)

  • The difference between a novice and a professional is
    being able to do it on demand.
    - Terry Lewis

  • Service to others is the rent you pay for your room in heaven.
    - Muhammad Ali

  • Kein Mensch ist strukturell faul.
    - Max Utoff (Kabarettist)

  • I failed my way to success.
    - Thomas Edison

  • Erfolg ist das Erreichen gesetzter Ziele.
    - Chick Corea

  • Don't hang on the side of the pool and tell me
    how to swim. Get into the deep water and
    show me your work!
    - Terry Lewis

  • When you compare music, you lose the joy
    of listening to it.
    - John Scofield

  • Arbeit geht immer da hin, wo sie gemacht wird.
    - Volksmund

  • If you can't play the melody, you can' play the tune.
    - Jaco Pastorius

  • Rehearsal is the practice of being comfortable with
    being uncomfortable.
    - Terry Lewis

  • Don't tell others about your problems. 20% don't care
    and 80% are glade you have them.
    - Johnny Carson

  • Da muss'de uffpasse, schnell is nix passiert.
    - hessischer Volksmund

  • The key to playing with any group is you listen all the
    time and you listen more than you play.
    - John Scofield

  • Learn the lick, but learn FROM the lick.
    - Scott Henderson

  • You have to know what you don't know.
    - Terry Lewis

  • Es ist des Lernes kein Ende.
    - Robert Schumann

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